To And From REDI

REDI's address: Hermannin rantatie 5, 00580 Helsinki


It is easy to visit us no matter what your chosen mode of transport is. Check out the information below and choose the best way for you. If you need a hand, the REDI staff members at our information desk will be happy to help.



By metro

The metro could be described as the fastest way to get to REDI. How does this sound: 4 minutes from Herttoniemi, 8 minutes from Itäkeskus, 6 minutes from Helsinki Central Station, or 11 minutes from Lauttasaari?

The Kalasatama metro station is located on level 3 of REDI, and is accessed from level 2 via the escalators, the squirrel elevator (east side) or the dog elevator (west side). The station opens approximately half an hour before the first train, and closes around half an hour after the last train. Please note that outside REDI's opening hours the metro can only be accessed from the Stadi side of the shopping centre, through the entrances at the north end of Hermannin rantatie and Kalasatamankatu.  

By bus

REDI is served by several different buses. The easiest way to find the bus timetables are via.  HSL:n reittioppaasta (choose Hermannin rantatie 5, Helsinki as your destination). Access to the shopping centre and street level from the bus stop on Itäväylä for buses going east is open 5 am to 2:30 am Sunday to Thursday, and 24 h on Friday, Saturday and mid-week holidays. When REDI is closed, use this route: access to/from buses travelling east is via the south entrance on Kalasatamankatu via the seagull elevator between levels 1 and 3.

Access to the shopping centre and street level from the bus stop on Itäväylä for buses going west is open daily from 5 am to midnight. Access to/from buses travelling west during the opening hours of the metro are on the Stadi side, via the entrances on the north end of Hermannin rantatie and Kalasatama, via the squirrel elevator or the escalators. After the final train has departed, access to/from buses travelling east is via the Kulosaari bridge ramp off Capellan puistotie.


By foot

REDI is easily accessible by foot from all directions. The seven entrances at street level are located on Hermannin rantatie, Kalasatamankatu, Capellan puistotie and Englantilaisaukio.

By bike

REDI is well served by cycle lanes from all directions, and there are parking spaces for 1,045 bikes! The bike parking spaces are located by the entrances on Englantilaisaukio, Kalasatamankatu, Hermannin rantatie and the park deck Bryka. (All bike parking spaces will be in use once the towers have been completed.)

A charging point for electric bikes is located on Kalasatamankatu, and a charging cabinet for batteries is located at the south end of Kalasatamankatu. Charging your bike battery is free of charge.

REDI also has city bikes, 40 on Hermannin rantatie and another 40 on Englantilaisaukio.

From Sturenkatu for example, you can whizz to REDI in five minutes, or eight minutes from Hakaniemi. The easiest way to find the best route for you is by using HSL's Journey Planner for cycling and walking..

By car

For drivers, REDI offers approximately 1,950 comfortably wide parking spaces on four levels. Parking levels K2 and K3 charge by the hour, while parking at levels K5 and K6 can be paid for by the hour or by the month. Access to the car parks is via Hermannin rantatie, Työpajankatu and at the end of Sörnäisten rantatie when coming from the city centre. The car parks can be accessed 24/7.
Watch our videos for drivers and find more information about the REDI car park.

REDI's 300 park and ride spaces are available in the underground car park Monday–Friday from 6:30 am to 5:30 pm for €2/day. Access to the park and ride is granted by showing your HSL Travel Card at the entrance gate when there are spaces available. The number of available spaces is displayed on signs at street level by the car park entrance.

In order to promote more ecological driving, REDI also offers many medium speed (22 kWh) charging stations for electric cars. There are 15 charging stations at the K2 level and 212 in the underground car park. The charging stations have Type 2 and supershuko plugs. Charging costs are based on use, 15 cents/kWh. In addition to the charging cost we also charge the normal parking fee.

By taxi

REDI's nearest taxi station is located on Työpajankatu 13.

By tram

According to the plans of the city council, the tram route Nihti–Kalasatama–Pasila will be launched in 2024, while the tram route via the Crown Bridges should be opened in 2026.