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Let us entertain you

What to do in Helsinki on a day off? In Redi’s entertainment world, you’ll find plenty to do on summer days!

Our exceptionally large entertainment selection is the perfect venue for events big and small. We make sure you have a memorable birthday party, bachelor party, corporate event or, for example, your own LAN event.

Most of the entertainment operators offer event packages, which can include catering, a private buffet or a meeting space. The entertainment world also has direct access to the restaurants on the lower levels.

Kauppakeskus Redin viihdemaailman mainoskuva, jossa on jättipopcorn.
Laserareenan pelaaja viihtymässä.


You can’t do this on a console

Laser tag is fun and active entertainment where you score points for you and your team by aiming at the opponents’ game vests and trying to hit their bases. You can dive into another world in the themed multi-level arena. Laserareena is suitable for adults and children!

pikseli virtual experiences

Experience what you’ve always wanted

Take in the African savanna or the tropical beach, fight orcs with a crossbow or walk on the roof of a skyscraper and jump off for a wild flight! Pikseli’s experiences and games are suitable for all ages. Whether you’re organizing a birthday party, bachelor party or corporate event, virtual experiences are at their best when experienced together.

Pikseli-virtuaalipuiston mainoskuvassa ihmisestä on tullut jättiläisen kokoinen ja hän kävelee pilvenpiirtäjien seassa.
BioRex-elokuvateatterin tyylikäs elokuvasali kuvattuna takariviltä.

biorex movie theater

Dive into another world

This is an experience you won’t get on your couch at home! The screens in BioRex provide a premium setting for becoming totally engaged in the story of the film. In addition, screens 1 & 2 offer the opportunity to enjoy alcoholic beverages and tapas during the movie.

free flight tunnel fööni

Experience the flight of your life!

Fööni gives you a chance to experience what it feels like to fly! Flying is an unforgettable experience for people of all ages, anyone over the age of 5 can fly!

Vapaalentotunneli Fööni Kalasataman Kauppakeskus Redissä saa sinut lentämään.

irti maasta climbing centre

Surprise yourself

Irti Maasta offers unforgettable experiences of overcoming oneself and success for adventurers of all ages! 24 climbing challenges of different levels make sure that both first-timers and experienced climbers will enjoy themselves.


Bouldering with a view

Redi’s Kiipeilyareena is a world-class climbing gym specializing in bouldering. The climbing hall rises through three floors – with the top floor offering a view of the sea. Its 100+ climbing routes of varying levels are suitable for beginners to advanced climbers. At the same time, you’ll have access to the indoor gym and a variety of climbing equipment.

Lapsi leikkii nauraen viidakkoaiheisessa pomppulinnassa.


Go nuts with versatility

Climb to the top of Jungle Mountain, play in Jungle Mania and Magic Forest bouncy castles. Indulge in a playful adventure on the Adventure Track or the Crocodile Slide. In between, play a game of dance and air hockey or try out the riding simulator. Kids of all ages are invited to go nuts in the bouncy castle park.