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Activate your 2 hr parking benefit with Taskuparkki app

Follow these steps:

  1. Fill the form below & click “send”
  2. Download the Taskuparkki app
  3. Choose “Register” and fill all necessary fields in the app. Make sure you use the same email address as in the form below
  4. Open “My Account”, fill your payment details, car’s license number and activate the camera recognition*
  5. If you already have an account on Taskuparkki, fill the form below with the same email address and the benefit will activate automatically (after a successful activation, you will find Redi’s logo in the Taskuparkki app’s menu)
  6. Forget all parking tickets and payment machines, now you can always drive in and out automatically!
  7. Enjoy the easiness.

*If you use Park & Ride, turn off the camera recognition. Otherwise the app will charge the parking with normal prices.

**Without the parking benefit you will have 1 hr of free parking, after which the charge is 1,40 € / beginning 30 min. Our P-info on floor K2 helps with the activation of the parking benefit.

"*" indicates required fields

This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Opening hours

Levels K2 & K3

Drive-in: Mon-Sun 07-22
Drive-out: Mon-Sun until 01
Overnight parking and Park & Ride are prohibited.

Levels K5 & K6

Drive-in: 24/7
Drive-out: 24/7
Overnight parking allowed and park and ride on K6.

Note! After 22.30 the passage to these levels happens only with elevators A, E and F. When the doors are locked, read the instructions on this page “Getting to the parking outside Redi’s opening hours”.

Need help? Redi parking staff helps you 24/7 through 020 781 2410.

Payment upon exit: Enter your car’s license plate number into the payment machine before exiting and follow the screen instructions.

Automatic payment with Taskuparkki: Taskuparkki mobile app is the easiest way to pay for Aimo Park Easy parking, as the payment is handled from your added credit card. You can also enable Taskuparkki and automatic payment in the web application at

Payment within 48 hours: You can pay for the parking within 48 hours of leaving at

Invoice to home: We will send an invoice by mail if you have not paid for your parking using the above methods. A paper invoice has a 5€ billing fee.


Redi parking has 1950 parking spots in four levels. The height limit is 2,3 meters.

Activate the parking benefit and get 2 free hours on each visit!

Hourly parking

Parking 1,40 € / 30 min
Overnight parking 10 € / 21-08.30, only on levels K5 & K6
Whole day 30 €

Contract parking

Residents of the area 24/7: 180 € / month
Evening & weekend: 62 € / month (parking between 17-09)
Companies 24/7: 250 € + VAT / month

Contact the sales: or call 020 781 2400. Please note that contract parking is valid only on levels K5 & K6. Parking on other levels will be invoiced according to the normal pricing.

Park & Ride

Mon-Fri 06-17.30, level K6
Price: 2 € / 10 hours

You can access the park and ride facility from Hermannin rantatie and Sörnäisten rantatie entrances.

The park and ride facility is activated by showing your HSL travel card or mobile ticket QR code to the card reader next to the payment machine and then entering your license plate number into the payment machine. The card readers can be found in the elevator lobbies B, E, F on floor K6. If you park for more than 10 hours, remember to visit the payment machine before you leave. The status of available spots is displayed on street network signs as well as near the entrances.

Note! If you have the Taskuparkki app, disable automatic camera recognition before driving into the parking area. Otherwise, Taskuparkki will charge for park and ride according to the normal parking rate.

For more information on park and ride and detailed instructions, you can find on the HSL pages. In case of problems, please contact:

Getting to the parking outside Redi’s opening hours

  • To levels K2 & K3 use elevator A, found next to Hanko Sushi on Kalasatamankatu
  • To levels K5 & K5 use elevator E, found on the right side of the main entrance on Hermannin rantatie or elevator F, found across from K-Market on Kalasatamankatu.

Note! To access the elevators E and F, you will need a door code. If you drove in to parking using Taskuparkki app, the code is in the app.

Need help? Redi parking staff helps you 24/7 through 020 781 2410.

Electric cars

Redi supports electric cars, which is why there are over 200 average speed (22 Kw) charging stations in Redi parking.

The charging stations are located:

  • 15 stations on level K2
  • Over 100 stations on each level K5 & K6.

The charging is through eParking app and it will be charged according to power usage 25 cnt/kWh + normal parking.


The hall has a rear camera, so parking operates in the same way as it does for drivers.