Wide and comfortable parking 

Activate your 3 hr parking benefit with Taskuparkki app

Follow these steps:

  1. Fill the form below & click “send”
  2. Download the Taskuparkki app
  3. Choose “Register” and fill all necessary fields in the app. Make sure you use the same email address as in the form below
  4. Open “My Account”, fill your payment details, car’s license number and activate the camera recognition*
  5. If you already have an account on Taskuparkki, fill the form below with the same email address and the benefit will activate automatically
  6. Forget all parking tickets and payment machines, now you can always drive in and out automatically!
  7. Enjoy the easiness.

*If you use Park & Ride, turn off the camera recognition. Otherwise the app will charge the parking with normal prices.
**Without the parking benefit you will have 1 hr of free parking, after which the charge is 1,40 € / beginning 30 min. Our P-info on floor K2 helps with the activation of the parking benefit.

  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Redi Parking

In a nutshell:

1950 parking spots
230 electric car charging stations
4 parking levels (K2, K3, K5 & K6)
2,3 m height
Easy Park & Ride possibilities
Car wash

Opening hours

Drive in to levels K2 & K3 
Mon-Sat 7.00-22.30
Sun 7.00-21.30

Driving out from these levels is possible everyday until 01. Overnight parking on these levels is prohibited.

Drive in to levels K5 & K6 
Mon-Sun 24h

Note that after 21.30 the passage to these levels happens by the elevators A, E & F. When the doors are locked, you will find the door code from Taskuparkki app, your parking card or using the last four numbers of your payment card. Read more on this page “Getting to the parking hall outside Redi’s opening hours”.

Need help? Redi parking staff helps you 24/7 through 020 781 2410.


By activating Redi’s parking benefit with Taskuparkki app, you will park 3 hrs for free with every visit! Without Taskuparkki app, you will park 1 hr for free.

Parking 1,40 € / beginning 30 min
Park & Ride 2 € / 10 h between Mon-Fri 06.30-17.30, on levels K5 & K6
Overnight parking 10 € / between 21.00-08.30, on levels K5 & K6
One whole day 30 €

Contract parking
Residents of the area 24/7:        180 € / month
Evening, night + weekend:        62 € / month (parking between 17-09)
Companies 24/7:                         250 € + VAT / month

Contact the sales: info@aimopark.fi & 020 781 2400. Please note that contract parking is valid only on levels K5 & K6.

Park & Ride

Park & Ride is possible in Redi Parking levels K5 & K6 Monday to Friday from 06.30 to 17.30. To access these levels, drive in from Hermannin rantatie or Sörnäisten rantatie. There are 300 parking places for Park & Ride, so you will definitely find a spot.

You can activate Park & Ride by showing your HSL Card or application to the card reader at the drive-in. Number of free parking places is shown in street signs and near the drive-in to the parking hall.

If you are using Taskuparkki app, make sure to turn off the camera recognition to ensure that the normal parking charges are not activated.

More information and detailed instructions can be found on HSL website.

Electric cars

Redi supports electric cars which is why there are over 200 average speed (22 Kw) charging stations located in Redi Parking.

The stations can be found as follows: 15 spots on level K2 and 212 spots on levels K5 & K6 together. The charging stations include both Type 2 and supershuko plugs.

The charging is through eParking app and the charging will be charged according to power usage, 15 snt/kWh + normal parking charges.


Bikers, for you we have a bit different info for parking as at the moment we do not unfortunately have a back camera at the drive-in. When arriving to Redi Parking do as follows:

  1. Take a parking card from the drive-in
  2. Park your bike normally in the best parking hall in Europe (year 2019)
  3. When leaving, stop at the drive-out barrier and press the info button
  4. If your parking has lasted less then 3 hrs, you may leave without paying
  5. If your parking has lasted over 3 hrs, you may pay the parking at the barrier by using a debit or a credit card.

Getting to the parking hall outside Redi's opening hours

Did you enjoy a late night movie or visited an event in Suvilahti? Are you on the move late at night and would like to park your car in Redi? Nice, our parking levels K5 & K6 are open 24h.

Get to the parking hall outside Redi’s opening hours:

  • by using the elevator A, found at the southern end of Kalasatamankatu next to Hanko Sushi
  • by using the elevator E, found next to Redi’s entrance on Hermannin rantatie
  • by using the elevator F, found at the northern end of Kalasatamankatu in front of K-Market

To access the elevators E & F, you will need a door code that can be found from Taskuparkki app. In other cases you will find the door code on your parking card or using a code made from 00 + the last numbers of your payment card. If you have a Debit card the numbers can be found on the backside of the card.

Need help? Redi parking staff helps you 24/7 through 020 781 2410.

Where did I park?

It has happened to all of ous, our brain is bull and we do not remember where we left the car. If this happens to you, do not worry, just ask help from Redi staff.

Visit our parking info desk on level K2 and tell your license plate number to the staff. They will enter it to a computer which will tell the exact spot your car is waiting for you – warm and rested.

If you like to raise your daily step amount by walking around the halls looking for the car – be our guest!