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Subway Redi

A Sub® is a mouth-watering sandwich made to your specifications.

‘A Sub® always has the fillings you choose. You can choose between six different types of bread and two sizes: a 15 cm Sub® when you are a little bit hungry, or a 30 cm Sub® when you are really hungry! And if you are with a group, why not order a party platter!

You can choose one of the flavour combinations on the menu or create your own. You can double up on toppings or treat yourself to some crispy bacon, blue cheese or guacamole as an extra topping. You can also choose whether you want your Sub® toasted and served warm and crispy. It’s all up to you!

The Sub® is also a good low-fat treat as it contains less than 6 grams of fat. If you are really hungry, we recommend the Sub® meal – add a soft drink (M) and a side; a Cookie or a bag of crisps.

Let the feast begin!

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