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Ristorante Momento

Here at Ristorante Momento we want to offer our customers a tasty and varied culinary journey which is based on high-quality ingredients and carefully chosen products from small producers. To name a few: high quality meats from Chef Wotkins, authentic Italian and Finnish cheeses, salmon from our small smokehouse, high-quality meat on the pizzas, organic virgin olive oils, Mutti tomato sauces, and salads made from several varieties of vegetables.

We always choose our ingredients based on quality, and we make as much of our products ourselves as we can. This includes: homemade sauces and pizza dough, and treasuring old ways of preparing food.

Through restaurant-specific seasonal campaigns and weekly deals we want to offer our customers variety and breaths of fresh air from different culinary worlds.

Here at Momento, the most important ingredient is our love for the food, and we take great pride in making our customers happy. We hope that this passion comes across to you.

A warm welcome!

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