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For businesses

Are you trying to reach the edgy, urban and international target group? Are you planning to open a store, launching a new product or looking for promo stand or audio advertising possibilities? Great, you have come to the right place!

For questions related to leasing, fill out the form below as accurately as possible. We review all the applications and will be in touch.

Digital screens

Redi has its own comprehensive digital screen entity which includes 30 media surfaces. Digital screens are located around the centre by which we ensure a great reach. Like with Radio Redi, we have a fantastic partner, Ocean Outdoor Finland, taking care of the media sales. Contact them straight and ask for a personalized quote.

Kalle Holopainen / +358 50 366 7315 / kalle.holopainen (a)

Sales promotions

There are over 60 000 sqm in Redi that offer endless possibilities for events and promotions. At the moment we have multiple sales promotions stands in different locations, so you can choose the perfect spot to meet your goals. Our partner, Ocean Outdoor Finland, is in charge of the sales promotions – contact him and get a personal offer.

Explore Redi’s sales promotion stands here.

Kalle Holopainen / +358 50 366 7315 / kalle.holopainen (a)


Radio Redi

Draw, tip, offer a solution – invite the customer to you!

Urban and style, easygoing and edgy. Radio Redi is Redi’s own radio station through which you reach your target audience as close as possible to the buying decision. We have a great partner, Mall Voice, taking care of the spot sales. The staff of Mall Voice help you to create suitable campaigns to reach your goals. Don’t hesitate to contact them to start creating.

Mikko Valtonen / +358 44 755 7289 / mikko.valtonen (a)

"Redi neuvottelee" = meeting room

We have received a great amount of messages asking for a space to hold events, conferences, meetings or key note seminars. To meet the high demand, we have created a meeting room called “Redi neuvottelee” which is available for everyone to rent out!
The space is a versatile meeting room where you can organize meetings, workshops, conferences, orientations and other business events. The space has been used for example for a key note seminar for 100 guests and for Finland’s first bare foot exhibition for over 500 guests.
All of the 184 sqm transform easily to any event. The space has a  silver screen and video projector, white board & markers, 10 tables and 30 chairs and coat racks and hangers. Included in the space is a small kitchen and toilet for private use.
We are able to transform the entity to fit any event! The staff of Redi’s info desk welcome you for a tour or if you prefer emailing or calling, that works as well.
info (a) / +358 44 755 4308.

Kalle Holopainen / +358 50 366 7315 / kalle.holopainen (a)