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Emmy is Finland’s largest marketplace for used women’s, men’s and children’s designer clothes, shoes and accessories that are in good condition. We stock about 90,000 checked high-quality products, and every week we add thousands of fantastic products to the shop.

Through Emmy you can easily sell your designer clothes, shoes, bags and accessories that are in a good condition and that you no longer need. You can choose whether you want the profit from the sales to go straight into your bank account, or whether you would rather receive a gift voucher for Emmy or one of our partners with an added 10 to 15% in value. Emmy sorts, photographs, prices, stores and sells your products. It is easy to sell your products via Emmy by putting them in our sales box. Now one of our boxes is located in REDI.

Emmy’s heart beats for high-quality clothes, inspiring finds, closets that are easy to keep tidy, and reducing emissions. You will fall in love with these things, too!

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