REDI has around 1,950 parking spaces on four levels. Parking on levels K2 and K3 is charged by the hour, while you can pay for parking on levels K5 and K6 for either an hourly or monthly fee. The 300 park and ride spaces are located on level K6.

REDI's car park is open 24/7.



We offer our customers four hours of free parking. After that:

Parking €1.40 / 30 min
Park and ride €2 / 10 h
Overnight parking 9 pm–8:30 am €10
24 h parking €30

The parking fees can be paid by cash or card. Disabled badge holders receive 3 h free parking by showing their badge at either the P-Info on K2 or at the information desk on level 1.

Car park height restrictions

2.3 m

Electric car

Our car park has medium speed (22 kWh) charging stations for electric cars. There are 15 of them on level K2 and 212 on levels K5 and K6. The charging stations have Type 2 and supershuko plugs. Charging costs are based on use, 15 cents/kWh. In addition to the charging cost we also charge the normal parking fee.

Opening hours

K2- & K3-levels are open every day until 1 am. After 9.30 pm entrance only through seagull-elevator.
K5- & K6-levels are open 24/7. After 9.30PM entrance only through seagull-, vole-, mermaid-elevators. 

How do you access the car park?

REDI's car park can be accessed via three ramps located on Hermannin rantatie, Työpajankatu and Sörnäisten rantatie. See the more detailed route in our videos for drivers.

From Hermannin rantatie and Sörnäisten rantatie you can access all car parks, but from Työpajankatu you can only access levels K2 and K3.

Park and ride

There are park and ride spaces available on level K6 between 6.30 am and 5.30 pm. We have 300 park and ride spaces, so you'll be sure to find a free space. Access to the park and ride is granted by showing your HSL Travel Card at the entrance gate when there are spaces available. The number of free spaces is shown on signs on the street network and by the entrance.



Driving to REDI

Leaving REDI