According to Statistics Finland, the average size of a Finnish summer house in 48 m2. Based on a quick calculation, REDI could contain 1,250 summer houses. And what do people do in their summer houses? Eat, enjoy, spend time outdoors, exercise, feel at home, meet their friends. That's also exactly what they're doing in REDI. But what are the names used on all the signage, ‘Stadi' and ‘Sköne'? They are the two sides of REDI; ‘Stadi' is the side nearer the city centre, while ‘Sköne' is nearer the sea. These names will help you navigate the shopping centre.


K1 – Ground level

What's for dinner? Find inspiration from the colourful shelves of the grocery shops and from the fresh produce sold at REDI's own local produce market, or sit down at one of our restaurant and let out your inner food critic. The K1 level also has a large selection of specialist shops and services, an ATM, a post office and storage lockers for our customers.

Level 1 – Street level

Our seven entrances lead you into a world of opportunities. Why don't you seize the day and try out the free-flight simulator Fööni, or get your workout gear on and climb a high wall at Kiipeilyareena?

Around here there's no need for Pinterest, because the area itself and the people in it give you all the fashion inspiration you need. The shops at street level sell fashion and accessories, and the many restaurants will take you on a culinary journey.
On level 1, the Stadi side is home to REDI's information desk where you can enquire about lost property and get first aid, and on the Sköne side you'll find an ATM.

Level 2

Summer turns to autumn and autumn to winter. It's around this time of year that you might be bitten by the sports of interior design bug, or even attempt to improve your lifestyle. Levels 2 and 4 are just the ticket for moments like these.
Have you brought the kids? Let your children loose in the play area for a little while and take a breather. Next to the play area you can find our childcare room, which has been designed in cooperation with local residents.
On level 2 you can also get cash from the ATM in Sköne.


Level 3

Every day at REDI is filled with meetings and partings, laughter, play, joy, and sometimes arguments too. Feelings, atmosphere, events, hustle and bustle. Level 3 is a space for fun, joy and new experiences that will lift you off your feet.

Level 4

If level 2 helped those bitten by an interior design bug, then level 4 will help you with those lifestyle changes. Finland's largest Elixia gym will look after you, while Gymi offers a large variety of sports and exercise for children and young people, and Yoga Valo gives you a moment of peace in the middle of a hectic day.

Bryka, park deck

Speaking of summer houses and comparisons, we can't help mentioning the vital statistics of REDI's green spaces. The rooftop park Bryka is the same size as the Esplanadi Park in central Helsinki. This is an inviting terrace that is open to all. And what a view! High up on the rooftops you can enjoy the breeze and let your thoughts fly. There is plenty of space for everyone, so come along and set up a picnic or your remote office, play with your children or enjoy the sunshine on the deckchairs.

K2 – Parking

The grocery shops' bottle return machines and REDI's recycling station are located on level K2. The recycling station accepts cardboard, paper, clothes, plastic, metal, glass and electronic waste (incl. batteries, small electronic devices, lightbulbs).