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Christmas tree campaign


The Christmas tree campaign has ended.

Do you want to have a Christmas tree? Follow these steps:

  1. Keep the receipts of your purchases in Redi’s stores
  2. Take the receipts to Redi’s info point after your purchases from one day total at least 150 €
  3. Info staff will stamp the receipts and give you a Christmas tree coupon
  4. Pick up your Christmas tree with the coupon during 15.-23.12.2022 from Christmas tree village on Kalasatamankatu, next to Nereidi
    Opening hours:
    Mon-Fri 16-20 / Sat-Sun 14-18 / Fri 23.12. 14-18
  5. Christmas tree campaign is on 10.-23.12.2022 or until all coupons have been given out.

Campaign rules:

  • Eligible participant must be at least 15 years of age, a fully-fledged person, whose purchases from Redi’s stores and services during one day total at least 150 €.
  • The campaign can be participated 10.-23.12.2022 following the steps above.
  • Campaign exclusion terms
    • Campaign’s organizer party (Redi’s shopping centre management) employee or any other campaign organizing entity,
    • Purchasing tobacco or alcohol products, the products or services of Veikkaus, prescribed medicine, gift cards or event tickets,
    • Purchasing public transportation tickets or monthly passess,
    • Purchasing from Redi’s stores and services through third party services,
    • Purchasing fishing licenses.
  • At least one receipt valued 150 € or more, makes you eligible for one Christmas tree coupon regardless of the total amount.
  • There is a limited amount of 500 Christmas trees. Note that there are as many coupons and trees, so no one is left without a tree.
  • Christmas tree must be picked from a Christmas tree village on Kalasatamankatu in between the pick-up schedule written above.
  • Coupon is not personal, it can be given forward.
  • Campaign organizer holds the right to refuse service in the following instances:
    • If the requirements of the campaign are not met
    • If there is an illegal method participating or otherwise fraudulent participation.
  • Limit of liability
    • Campaign organizer party’s employee or other campaign organizing entity is not responsible for incomplete or faulty participation, printing errors or other campaign errors.
    • By participating in the campaign, the participant releases the organizer party and all operators and partners of the aforementioned parties for any damage or costs caused or alleged to have been caused, directly or indirectly by participating in this campaign, the redemption of the Christmas tree or any irregularities found.
  • All material appearing in this campaign is protected by copyright or trademark law unless otherwise indicated. All material may not be used without the written permission of Redi’s shopping centre management.
  • The campaign organizer reserves the rights to change the rules of the campaign without prior notice. Any ambiguities in the application or interpretation of the rules of the campaign will be resolved by the organizer. The current rules can be found on this page.
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