A question to Mathias Berner: When will Vallila curtains feature REDI’s towers?

This autumn, the shores of the Aurajoki river are cloaked in fabulous ochre, while elsewhere in a fell valley in Lapland reindeer are grazing. These and dozens of other landscapes depicting the Finnish soul are creating the atmosphere in homes as Vallila curtains, carpets, towels and interior accessories.

Vallila Interior is a family-run interior design and home-textile company established by Otto Berner in the Vallila neighbourhood of Helsinki in 1935. Over the past decades, the company has established itself in the hearts of interior decorators of public buildings and homes in Finland. Classic nature themes and more graphic designs are now accompanied by atmospheric cityscapes.

Managing Director Mathias Berner, Otto’s grandson, presents visitors with a true feast for the eyes in the company’s showroom.“Nature, forests and the home region in various seasons are important to Finns. Vallila’s design and style draw their inspiration and stories from subjects that all Finns can relate to,” says Mathias.

A natural step from Vallila to Kalasatama

The traditional wholesale business has conquered a new territory. During the spring and summer, Mathias has signed a bundle of lease agreements related to the company’s plans to build a small-scale chain of own shops—something that has not existed in the past. One of the new shops will be opened in REDI in autumn 2018.

“Our own chain will support the brand and enable direct customer contacts. Our outlet in Vantaa has served us well for a long time, but we want to complement it by having shops along the routes people take on a daily basis.”

Vallila’s collections are renewed twice a year, and the company has five of its own regular designers who create new designs. In the light of the financial results and estimates for the industry, there are no signs of the interior decoration boom coming to an end. Frequently renewed attractive collections and interior decorators inspired by them create a self-perpetuating positive loop.

“Finns have gradually internalised the connection between interior decoration and atmosphere. Large renovations are not always necessary, but the feeling at home can be changed with new textiles.”

Mathias promises that changing selections and good customer service will play a key role in the new shop in REDI.“Our shop assistants will help people find their own style. For example, if curtains are not available in the customer’s favourite fabric, we will cut and sew them at the customer’s request.”

Fresh landscapes of the soul

Vallila is known for its classic nature themes, but the company also knows how to be flashy. In addition to the fresh Jaffa pattern, the summer collection included the bright festival patterns Sideways and Provinssi.

Mathias, when will Vallila curtains feature the new face of Helsinki–REDI’s towers?

“REDI, with its streams of people, is creating new urban culture that will most definitely be exciting for us. As soon as we are able to soak up the atmosphere there, it will surely be a major source of inspiration at the design table. Vallila’s handsome city patterns are one of our most popular pattern collections and we are constantly finding new ideas for them.”

3 X why REDI

1. If I could, I would answer location, location, location. We have been planning to have a second sales point in Helsinki for quite a while already, and, after careful consideration, REDI was selected.

2. Kalasatama is a developing area, with the distinctively original Kallio and Sörnäinen neighbourhoods nearby. The cultural activities in Suvilahti strengthen the area’s image.

3. REDI has managed to create an innovative entity that is an experience, with its creativity setting it apart from other centres.