What’s your style – Black & White, Scandinavia or Continental?

Pale or dark cabinets? Oak or ash parquet? And what about the bathroom tiles? In Finland’s tallest residential building, REDI’s Majakka, you don’t have to worry about choosing colours and materials. Interior architect Hanna Airas has designed three style themes that will form the perfect canvas for you to realise your own personal vision.

“Who doesn’t want to give their brand-new home a personal touch and make it somewhere you’ll really feel at home? For some, it’s important to find the right place for treasured furniture and belongings, so they’ll look their best in their new surroundings. Others will want to completely redecorate,” says interior architect Hanna Airas. Hanna works for Helin & Co, an architects’ office whose handwriting can be seen all over REDI.

She has designed three different colour and material themes for Majakka’s homes. These themes – Black&White, Scandinavia and Continental – cover the apartment’s colour palette, parquet, kitchen and bathroom fittings, kitchen appliances, and floor and wall tiles. The décor package is included in the price of the apartment and you can see the different colour and material choices in real life at the REDI Living Lab in Suvilahti, Helsinki.

“You can think of my themes as a canvas for your own style. Each alternative can be used to decorate in different ways – you can be subtle or bold. As you can see in the artist’s impressions, the use of accent colours, furniture, textiles and lighting can create very different atmospheres in the same space. It’s easy to give your REDI home a personal touch!”

Black & White: Dark and cosy, or boldly colourful

“Black and white suits many people. You can decorate using only black or white furniture, or a combination of the two. Strong primary colours work equally well, and why not pastels too?” says Hanna Airas.

A graphite accent wall adds a little zing to this living room. The dark colour brings out the furniture and ornaments in front of the wall.

Crisp primary colours – yellow, red and blue – look great in a black and white home. A few pieces of black furniture bring everything together. They also go well with the black kitchen cabinets.

A Black&White home has:
• whitewashed ash parquet
• black kitchen cupboards and lower cabinets, and white upper cabinets
• black floor tiles in the bathroom
• graphite or light grey for accent walls.

Scandinavia: natural, or fresh and colourful

The Scandinavia theme embodies pale, Nordic nature.

“I designed the fresh Scandinavian theme especially for those who love pale décor. It also works as a muted background for a colourful interior.”

You can create a harmonious feel by combining the Scandinavia theme with pale wood, crisp glass and similar colours. A grey accent wall accentuates the pale textiles and woods used in this living room.

Colourful furniture can spice up a Scandinavia home. Create a fresh feel by choosing rugs in similar shades to bold armchairs. Black gives this theme a little edge. The accent wall of the green room, seen through the glass doors, provides a stylish contrast for these open shelves.

A Scandinavia home has:
• whitewashed oak parquet
• whitewashed oak veneer for kitchen cupboards and lower cabinets, and white upper cabinets
• light beige floor tiles in the bathroom
• sand or light grey for accent walls.

Continental: warm sand or subtle grey

Warm earthy tones, greenish clay and warm grey form the basis for the Continental theme.

“This continental style provides a very versatile canvas. A cognac-coloured sofa set, subtle grey or warm sand – they all work. I’ve also experimented with bold colours, and they look great as well.”

You can create an understated look by choosing grey tones that pick out colours in the parquet. The green room’s clay-coloured wall adds to the feeling of warmth.

Warm terracotta red has been chosen as the accent colour for this space. Dark woods also work well with the Continental theme and give the whole room character.

Continental homes have:
• grey/sand-coloured oak parquet
• grey kitchen cupboards and lower cabinets, and white upper cabinets
• grey floor tiles in the bathroom
• warm clay grey or sand for accent walls.

Compare the themes: Three beautiful kitchens

Black&White is based on bold contrasts. The floors are whitewashed ash parquet. In the kitchen, black lower cabinets contrast with airy white upper cabinets.

Scandinavia is the most natural and pale of the themes. Both the parquet and lower cabinets are of whitewashed oak.

Continental is the earthiest theme, with a palette of sand and greys. The floor is grey oak and the kitchen cabinets grey and white.