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Sustainability is part of SRV’s strategy

The importance of sustainability to companies and their business operations will increase as requirements become ever stricter. Stakeholders are expecting more openness and concrete action from construction industry players to tackle major sustainability challenges. Sustainability is one of SRV’s six strategic development programmes. The most important sustainability themes are compiled in SRV’s sustainability programme. SRV seeks to ensure that its sustainability efforts provide optimal support to the realisation of strategic objectives. The company also seeks to be an innovative and continually evolving professional in sustainability issues.

SRV’s sustainability programme is based on the major sustainability perspectives defined for the company. The guiding themes of SRV’s sustainability programme are:

  • A responsible community actor
  • High-quality construction and future-proof premises and environments
  • A safe and inspiring workplace that promotes wellbeing
  • A reliable and cooperative partner network

REDI as a project

REDI was created through SRV’s own project development. This unique project is important to SRV. REDI is being built in a major traffic hub, making it easy to utilise public transport connections. REDI is rising around the Kalasatama metro line. The metro provides convenient access to the southern rail network. It takes six minutes to get to the Helsinki Central Railway Station by metro. The western metro extension will also provide fast access to Espoo.

At REDI, both the Itäväylä highway and metro line will be covered to protect against noise and dust. A green deck the size of Esplanadi Park will be built over Itäväylä. This park will be open to the public.  In addition, yard areas will be built for the REDI towers on the roof of the REDI shopping centre, adding a pleasant green touch. The REDI park areas will serve as an extension of the green areas of Kalasatama Park, built on the southern side of REDI.

Relationship with neighbouring communities

About 3,000 people live next to the REDI construction site. A dense concentration of jobs is located in its immediate vicinity. As construction progresses, access routes have to be changed from time to time. Detours and especially the pedestrian and cycle routes to the metro are signposted and marked at the site whenever changes are made.

Open discussion dispels suspicion. For this reason, a communications officer has been appointed for the REDI site to take care of relationships with neighbours. An open channel for discussion and listening on both sides are helpful when work phases with an impact on the environment have to be carried out. Groups of neighbours visit the site, helping maintain open communication.

SRV releases information about the impacts on the nearby environment. Dialogue is important. Any feedback is reviewed and corrective measures are implemented when necessary. The site has its own webpage:

Construction quality

Quality development efforts focus especially on improving the smooth flow of the construction process and ensuring production planning and undisrupted operations. The goal is to ensure the quality of the final product. Construction quality is measured. We not only verify that there are no defects in the final product, the completed buildings, but also assess both the operating model of the construction process and the implementation of functions promised to the customer.

Combating the grey economy

More than 1,000 people currently work at the construction site. During the entire project, the site will employ over 10,000 workers. People are coming to build REDI from far and wide. Foreign labour accounts for 37% of workers.

Induction volumes at the REDI site are large. By autumn 2017, more than 9,500 workers had completed induction. All persons arriving at the site for induction are entered in the SRV Network Register. SRV developed the Network Register to ensure compliance with the Act on the Contractor’s Obligations and Liability. Each company and employee must have valid official documentation. Those whose papers are not in order are denied access to the site. Client liability reports are submitted from the SRV Network Register to the Tax Administration each month.

Sustainability themes at REDI

From the perspective of sustainability, REDI emphasises:

  • relationships with neighbouring communities
  • occupational safety
  • environmental issues
  • construction quality
  • combating the grey economy

The REDI site seeks to maintain a recycling rate of at least 80% of the total waste volume. The waste fractions sorted at the site are concrete and brick, untreated wood, metal, cardboard, plastic, mixed construction wastes and soil/aggregate.

An environmental report is drafted four times a year. The construction site monitors construction wastes, energy consumption, occupational safety and site cleanliness, and contaminated soil volumes as well as measures and monitors the concentration of hazardous substances in trench water.

Occupational safety

A weekly occupational safety inspection round and occupational safety measurements are carried out at the REDI site. Safety measurements comprise a tool created by large actors in the industry and the authorities. Site safety is measured on a weekly basis.

The site foremen are responsible for monitoring occupational safety. The site also has a safety team that responds immediately to any observed deficiencies. The Safety Support Group meets around four times a year. Its aim is to monitor site-related safety issues. The Safety Support Group deals with safety issues from the broader perspective of development and background information. The Safety Support Group includes representatives of SRV Group’s safety personnel, the site’s own safety organisation and representatives of the Regional State Administrative Agency, the Tax Administration, the Finnish Construction Trade Union and key contractors on the site.

Asiakashallintarekisteri asunnoista kiinnostuneista

Henkilötietolain (Heti L 523/99, 10 §) mukainen rekisteriseloste

1. Rekisterinpitäjä
SRV Rakennus Oy
PL 555, 02601 Espoo
puh. +358 20 145 5200

2. Rekisteriasioista vastaavat henkilöt ja/tai yhteyshenkilöt
Maritta Eerikäinen
PL 555, 02601 Espoo
puh. +358 40 741 0606

Anita Höytiä
PL 555, 02601 Espoo
puh. +358 40 74 333 20

3. Rekisterin nimi

Asiakashallintarekisteri asunnoista kiinnostuneista

4. Henkilötietojen käsittelyn tarkoitus (rekisterin käyttötarkoitus)

Yhteystietoja kerätään henkilöistä, jotka haluavat tietoa SRV:n rakennettavista asunnoista. Tietoja käytetään ja käsitellään henkilötietolain sallimissa ja velvoittamissa rajoissa asiakassuhteen hoitamiseen, hallintaan ja kehittämiseen, analysointiin sekä tilastointiin henkilön omasta pyynnöstä.

5. Rekisterin tietosisältö

Sukunimi, etunimi, osoite, postinumero ja -toimipaikka, puhelinnumero, sähköpostiosoite ja kaikki mielenkiinnon kohteet sekä muut rekisteröidyn itse antamat tiedot.

6. Säännönmukaiset tietolähteet

Rekisterinpitäjä SRV Rakennus Oy ei luovuta henkilötietoja ulkopuolisille eikä tietoja siirretä EU:n tai Euroopan talousalueen ulkopuolelle.

7. Säännönmukaiset tietojen luovutukset ja tietojen siirto EU:n tai Euroopan talousalueen ulkopuolelle

Jos henkilö on kieltänyt suoramarkkinoinnin, niin tietoja ei käytetä muuhun tarkoitukseen. Suoramarkkinointisuostumuksen antaneiden tietoja voidaan käyttää SRV suoramarkkinointiin, markkina- ja mielipidetutkimuksia varten.

8. Rekisterin suojauksen periaatteet

Tietohallintaan talletetut tiedot. Tiedot kerätään asiakashallintarekisteriin (tietokantoihin), jotka ovat suojattu palomuurilla ja salasanoilla. Asiakasrekisterihallintaohjelmaan talletettuihin tietoihin on rajoitetut käyttöoikeudet, jotka on suojattu käyttäjätunnuksella ja salasanalla.

9. Henkilötietojen poistaminen rekisteristä

Henkilöstölain perusteella asiakkailla on oikeus tarkistaa ja korjata häntä koskevia tietoja. Asiakas voi myös pyytää poistamaan häntä koskevat tiedot rekisteristä lähettämällä yhteystietonsa sähköpostitse:

Rekisteröidyllä on oikeus kieltää tietojensa luovuttamisen ja käsittelyn suoramainonnassa sekä markkina- ja mielipidetutkimusta varten. Tällainen kielto tulee lähettää sähköpostitse osoitteeseen:

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