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The most urban shopping centre in Helsinki

REDI, the most experiential shopping centre in Helsinki will be opened in autumn 2018. REDI will revolutionize your thoughts of a traditional shopping centre. 60,000 square metres of retail premises: shops, experiences, entertainment, and a magnificent world of restaurants. The retail premises are being leased out now.

The best location in the city

REDI is in the middle of an amazing stream of customers. Kalasatama is where three thoroughfares meet, with 100,000 cars passing along them every day. The metro transports approximately 1.1 million customers through REDI each year and stops at the shopping centre 500 times a day.

Customers with plenty of purchasing power

Within a 30-minute drive from REDI live 1.1 million consumers with EUR 22.4 billion in purchasing power. In its first full year of operation, REDI is expected to reach 12 million visitors. More than 2,000 people will live in the REDI residential towers.

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Shops and experiences

REDI, with its diverse services, in the urban and fashionable Kalasatama invites you to come and stay for long periods of time. The unique shopping centre has something for everyone. Do shopping, fly, climb, and experience 7D films.

Ground floor

A haven of 16,300 m2 for grocery shoppers

REDI’s ground floor offers treats for every day and ease of shopping. In addition to shops that offer groceries and local food, this floor houses pop-up stores, speciality shops, fast dining restaurants, as well as pharmacy, laundry, postal and shoemaker services. The metro station, parking garage and residential towers provide easy access to the shopping centre by both moving walkways and lifts.

“We chose REDI because of its uniqueness, impressive number of customers and city culture.” Arto Ranta-Aho, Ruohonjuuri

Street level

15,600 m2 of fashion and lifestyle

REDI has a fun and fashionable street level. Fashion shops account for 30% of the stores at REDI. The shops at street level offer fashion for adults, elegant cafés and restaurants where you can relax amid you shopping. Street-level restaurants can be entered from outdoors, enabling longer business hours than the shops and an outdoor patio during the summer. At this floor, all your wishes come true and you can have a great experience: fly in FÖÖNI or do wall climbing.

“REDI boasts an excellent location in Kalasatama. The number of customers is impressive, and approx. 100,000 people live in the shopping centre’s catchment area. We aim to open our shops at busy commercial locations.” Sampo Päällysaho, Clas Ohlson

2nd floor

15,800 m2 of trendy fashion for youngsters and interior design

If the home and interior design or fashion trends are close to your heart, you will have a great time on this floor, guaranteed. Of REDI’s offering, 9% comprises interior design and small electronics products. The second floor offers a wide range of health, beauty and sports brands as well as leisure time products. This floor has a play area for children and more trendy cafés and restaurants. You can have the FÖÖNI flight experience from this floor too.

“Stadium wants to be where its customers are.” Jaakko Soini, Stadium

3rd floor

10,000 m2 of leisure time, entertainment - and the metro!

REDI’s third floor is divided into two sections: the north side has shops and the south side entertainment. The shopping centre is divided by metro tracks that are separated from the shopping centre with a glass wall. Metro trains stop in front of the third floor entrance 500 times a day, helping guarantee a steady stream of customers. The climbing wall rising from the ground floor adds its own visual element to the floor.

“We like the fact that REDI is so open-minded and wants to create something completely new in a place where everyone has easy access.” Gabriel Termin, 7D virtual world

4th floor

3,200m2 of health care and wellness

REDI’s fourth floor will be a haven of wellbeing. The 4th floor has also been divided into two: the south side and the north side. The north side offers a comprehensive gym as well as wellness services. The south side is a technical area. The rooftop garden on the fifth floor will provide a magnificent view over the maritime surroundings.

REDI FÖÖNI is flying!

The phenomenal REDI will include a full-size free fall simulator, where everyone can surrender to the airflow and feel freedom like never before. The height of the flying space is almost 20 metres, and the spectators can see the flier through a spectacular glass wall. The project is unique in Finland, and indeed globally, because nowhere in the world is there an equally big and powerful free fall simulator integrated into a shopping centre in a city centre.

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Become a REDI tenant

Pia Svensk

Commercial Director

REDI Shopping Centre

+358 50 389 0569

Jonna Majanen

Leasing Manager

REDI Shopping Centre

+358 45 110 8802

◦ Fashion & Footwear
◦ Children’s wear
◦ Sports
◦ Entertainment

Kristina Bäckmark

Leasing Specialist

REDI Shopping Centre

+358 44 712 9232

◦ Accessories
◦ Underwear
◦ Cosmetics
◦ Health related products
◦ Medical centers & health services

Anu Hautala

Leasing Specialist

REDI Shopping Centre

+358 40 656 5051

◦ Home & home décor
◦ Electronics
◦ Pet shops
◦ Children accessories, toys and craft shops
◦ Banks & insurance companies
◦ Art galleries & communal arenas

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