REDI’s service developer is motivated by the chance to improve people’s quality of life

My task is to build REDI into a totally novel entity that combines services and housing. If you want to test a new service idea, do it in REDI with us, says Lotta Toivonen, the newly appointed project manager for service development.

» Together with products, the importance of various services is increasing. For example, people are looking for ways to ease their everyday life, meet people, experience things and have opportunities to develop themselves. People coming to city centres for entertainment and not just for shopping is a concrete example of this phenomenon.

» REDI’s hybrid concept combined with the developing Kalasatama area offers enormous potential. My task is to create a courageous culture of experimenting. To do that, I bring various operators together, collect service ideas and facilitate light experiments and service implementation.

» Our operation is based on joint development and light experiments. We organise workshops and invite REDI’s residents, companies and other parties operating in the Kalasatama district to participate in them. The objective of this joint development is to create new ideas, bring various parties together and incorporate urban culture as part of REDI through people themselves.

» We already have several ideas concerning services that could be brought to the tower blocks. However, in a complex environment, it is difficult to predict what will work, so light and fast experiments are more feasible. At first, the Living Lab in Suvilahti functions as the development platform, but our objective is that once REDI is completed, it will be a real-life testing platform oozing bold experimental culture.

» We offer tenants channels and support related to service design. Our message is that if you want to test a new service idea, do it in REDI with us. We have an excellent setting: a shopping centre, business premises, apartments and digital possibilities. I will help with networking and the practical implementation of ideas. Contact us and let’s start experimenting.

Who SRV’s project manager for service development

Age 39

Education Master of Arts, environmental science, urban studies

Previously Service manager, Lassila & Tikanoja

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Hobbies Spending time in nature, yoga, reading professional literature and pottering about with family and friends