NoXor Shop sells kitchenware to cooking enthusiasts who only accept the best

A good pot lasts from father to grandson, and the best knives are a life-long investment. Quality stands the test of time and serves, at it best, several generations, and entire family stories are intertwined with beloved family dishes. What stories might the 300-year-old iron pot for which a pre-Christmas customer sought a replacement from NoXor have told?

Eero Saine shakes hands with a sunny demeanour at the pop up outlet in Espoo. This is a new field for NoXor that specialises in the import and wholesales of home kitchenware. The first full-concept NoXor Shop will opens its door at REDI with Eero in the lead, and the plans are in good shape.

NoXor is a family-run company established by Eero’s father Aarno Saine in 1997. From the get-go, the idea has been to import kitchen and homeware from the best quality brands in the world to Finland. Products represented by the company include the pots and pans by Belgian BergHOFF, the new generation’s top knives from French Evercut and kitchenware from Swedish Orrefors, in operation since the 1700s. High-quality kitchenware is also in demand for corporate gifts.

The products are so classy it’s a shame to hide them in kitchen cupboards. “They are meant to be used, and used hard,” encourage Eero and Aarno who both trust NoXor’s treasures in their own kitchens.

From Father to Son

Aarno avows himself as a cooking enthusiast for whom high-quality equipment is the starting point of a delicious meal. NoXor operated for a long time as Aarno’s hobby, alongside his main job, until recently-graduated Eero said that he was willing to take the company forward. Aarno is happy to place the REDI shop into the hands of the next generation as Eero’s enthusiasm and great ideas have been successful.

“Chefs usually buy their own knives and they are very loyal to their favourite brands. I was thinking about how to open a market for Evercut in Finland, and I came up with the idea of calling cooking schools. I sold dozens of our top knives to students,” says Eero.

Eero describes the shop concept in REDI as a unique and modern one that exudes high quality. Great customer service is close to his heart, and having personal experience of the products makes it easy to recommend just the right kind of equipment or tool as the customer’s life-long kitchen partner.

Men usually select the family’s kitchen knives

Men enjoy being in the kitchen as much as women, at least if we look at NoXor’s customer base.  According to Aarno, men enthusiastic about cooking often share their interest in investing in the quality of kitchenware. Whereas colourful design pots were last year’s hit in all customer groups, there is a significant difference between men and women on two products: “Men buy the family’s knives, women the pots,” laughs Eero.

Eero and Aarno believe that a shop specialised in kitchenware will find its quality-oriented customer base also from REDI.

“REDI is an excellent location for a specialty boutique like us. With 30 years of experience from different fields of trade, I can say that REDI is a modern-day shopping centre with significant potential. In addition to us, many yet-to-be-seen shops are joining the team, which says something about the atmosphere that encourages entrepreneurship and experiments,” praises Aarno.

Maybe in 2318 someone will have a pot and a story of how their ancestors invested in the classic BergHOFF pot at REDI’s opening?

3 reasons for choosing REDI

  1. Interesting location for boutiques
  2. Developing area, great connections
  3. Customer base with purchasing power in the vicinity