Modernise your home with Houm

Would you like to set the mood in all the rooms of your home with centralised lighting control – using voice commands, for instance? The Houm system will modernise how you control your home lighting. Houm also offers a sensor package that enables you to monitor indoor temperature, moisture and carbon dioxide content as well as detect water damage. All data from the sensors is input immediately into the Houm app.

What’s the Houm story? Where did the idea for a wireless lighting system come from?

The idea is very simple, says Antti Ropponen from Houm: “If only there were a convenient way of controlling your home lighting with a single press of a button: all lights off, an evening mood or daytime illumination. In addition to convenience, we wanted to ensure that Houm is easy to install.  The third important factor is price: everyone must have the opportunity to afford Houm. Our product fulfils all these requirements. We’re very pleased about this.”

Integration opportunities, voice control, Amazon Echo – what will the home of the future be like?

“One of our role models is the finest car on the roads today: Tesla. It’s a beautiful sum of its components: all the pieces fit together magically. We seek to provide the same customer experience in the built environment,” says Antti Ropponen from Houm.

Wireless control of household appliances is already commonplace around the world. The Houm system can be effortlessly integrated into every home. In the home of the future, many things can be handled more easily and smoothly, such as setting a mood with illumination. In years to come, what homes are like will be affected most by smart solutions, software development and services.

How have customers reacted to this new way of controlling lighting?

“People have been truly delighted by the ease of use that Houm provides. Many customers have told us that they couldn’t even have imagined how much easier and more comfortable it makes their lives. They’ve also been really enthusiastic about voice control: after Amazon Echo integration, we haven’t sold a single system without this feature.”

Can the applications be used to do more than just turn lights on and off  – such as dimming them and creating different moods?

“We always recommend to our customers that they should go for dimmable luminaires. They are the cornerstone of effective mood lighting. When high-quality lights can be easily controlled with switches, speech or an app, the end result is always great … and your life is once again a little bit more comfortable,” says Antti Ropponen.

Those who have bought apartments in Majakka can order a Houm system for their own home at separate cost.