A market hall inside a shopping centre – enjoy that market feeling at REDI

Markets and market halls are the favourite shopping places of Helsinki’s residents. They are places where you can bump into friends while looking for fresh products. Now there’s going to be one in Kalasatama!

“We’re going to introduce the market hall concept to the shopping centre environment for the first time. Or a local market or a fresh produce market, whatever you want to call it. Many have asked us why, and we always have the same reply: Why not?” says REDI’s Leasing Specialist Anu Hautala with a broad smile on her face.

The market at REDI will have 12 sales points, which will form a designated area inside the shopping centre. The sales points will each have an area ranging from 13 to 16 square metres, and the businesses that use them will give them their finishing touch. For example, each business can decide whether it wants to provide traditional over-the-counter service or have a little shop that customers can step into.

The entrepreneurs are traditional market-hall operators. The products on offer will include berries and fruit, nuts, ice-cream, bakery products and cheeses.

“The area will be trendy, distinct, open and functional. At the end of the day, it’s a bit of an experiment. We want to see if we can make a market work inside a shopping centre. The market has always been a place for people to meet, and we believe we can make it work inside a shopping centre.”