“Love the products you sell” – Heli’s dream of entrepreneurship comes true in REDI

A good deal is much more than just the product in the shopping bag, believes Heli Hiltunen, who has recently become an entrepreneur. She has signed a franchising agreement with the international fashion brand Esprit and her store will open in REDI in autumn 2018.

Fashion is close to Heli’s heart. She learnt about fashion brands thoroughly when was working as the Director of the Sokos department store in Tampere and, most recently, as the Director of the Prisma chain. Heli confesses that she is an avid shopper who appreciates high-quality clothes as well as a comfortable and relaxed style. Esprit became one of her favourites thanks to both its timeless clothes and its values that promote sustainable development.

“I believe that you need to love the products you sell. With Esprit, this is certainly true. As a franchising entrepreneur, I get the chance to realise my long-time dream of owning a company and to learn more about fashion,” she says.

Good vibes into the shopping bag

During the winter, Heli will be working on a store plan, compliant with the Esprit concept, for the 300 sq.m. premises. “A clear layout, full of light and fresh atmosphere,” she describes. The store will feature an inspiring and attractive selection of men’s and women’s fashion with a dash of the positive Californian attitude of the chain’s founding couple. Just like Esprit’s brand promise has it: We make you feel good to look good.

“My goal is that when customers leave the store, they feel that they made a good deal. That includes much more than just the product in the shopping bag,” says Heli Hiltunen.

After spending the past few years dealing with strategic management issues, Heli intends to spend a lot of time in the front line, that is: meeting customers in the store. In addition to a couple of salespersons, she can rely on Esprit’s Finnish Wholesale & Retail team, which offers, among other things, the store concept and training, support from the purchase organisation, a strong customer loyalty programme and multi-channel chain marketing.

Heli says that Esprit’s personnel is a solid background group, with strength proven by numbers: Esprit’s footprint extends to more than 40 countries. Under its direct control, it has approximately 900 stores and more than 7,800 points of sale, including franchising stores and points of sale located in department stores. An entrepreneur is not left alone.

International brand, Finnish entrepreneurship

Heli has strong faith in the brand: “In addition to a well-functioning concept, Esprit is supported by the high regard Finns have for the brand, thanks to which it has done well even in the most difficult times. I believe Esprit’s popularity is based on the excellent price-quality ratio and the durability of the clothes. The collection covers many tastes and body types. These are the reasons why I have bought a lot of their clothes myself.”

Before zero hour next autumn, Heli still has some time for charging her batteries.

“I intend to study entrepreneurship and enjoy my free time by travelling. In the spring, it will be the time for serious action. Tasks to be completed include recruiting employees and fine-tuning the store plan.”

Welcome to REDI, Heli!

3 X why REDI  

1. Once completed, REDI wants to be the most modern and interesting shopping centre in Finland, and this mindset inspires me.
2. REDI has enormous potential. The area is growing into a versatile and easily accessible concentration of services.
3. REDI is at the heart of everything. I believe that the residents, jobs and traffic connections in the area will generate a strong flow of customers.