Figulus is heaven on earth for craft lovers

Figulus imports various jewellery materials and beads made of wood, seeds, glass and metal. This family company, which will open a new shop in REDI in autumn 2018, is heaven on earth for all jewellery hobbyists. Its selection also includes gift items, ornaments, ceramics and jewellery made by the family itself.

Figulus is Latin for a creator of shape, a potter or a builder. It is an apt name, as all members of the Ylipahkala family are creators of shape, each in their own way: the mother, Terttu, is an artist, the father is a builder and Katariina and her two sisters are jewellery makers and master ceramists.

“We order our most important bead materials directly from local manufacturers located on four different continents, with only Australia and Antarctica missing from the list. We are very particular about the origin of the materials, because we want to support small local entrepreneurs and know for certain that our products are ethical,” says Katariina, the managing director.

Katariina first fell in love with colours, wooden beads and various shapes when the family lived in Africa for several years when she was a child. Making things with hands is something the family has always been doing, and Terttu tells a memorable story about an incident involving ants that short-circuited a sewing machine in Tanzania.

A cosy, welcoming nook in REDI

At present, Figulus can be found on the second floor of the Hakaniemi market hall. The three sisters and Terttu take turns behind the counter. In January, the shop will relocate to the glass pavilion at Hakaniemi square due to the renovation of the market hall, and a second shop will be opened in REDI next autumn.

“We need more space for our expanding product selection and various courses. Our shop premises in REDI will be three times the current premises, and we plan to provide there a wider selection of items related to handicrafts. In the new premises, we can also organise courses that are currently in demand,” says Katariina.

Handicrafts have been trending for a long while already and looking at the largest handicrafts countries, the USA and UK, there is no end in sight. Figulus is actively following the international jewellery trends and, according to Katariina, novelties and trends are usually adopted in Finland with a few years’ delay.

Toddlers making bold colour mixes and Russian rockers

The family makes the jewellery, graphic art and ceramics in their studio in Malmi, Helsinki. In the evenings, after closing the shop at the Hakaniemi market hall, Katariina creates a piece or two of jewellery while watching television.

“Handicrafts have been proven to have health benefits. In addition, various jewellery and handicrafts are one way for people to express themselves and to stand out from the crowd.”

Figulus’ customer base includes handicraft hobbyists from toddlers to grandparents.

“I’m very pleased that young men have also become enthusiastic about jewellery making. The other day, a Russian rock star visited our shop. He makes his own style of jewellery that he wears on stage. However, my favourite customers are small children. They are so creative and bold in making their choices when they design presents for their dads and mums. All the colours in the world are meant to be used,” says Katariina admiringly.

3 reasons for choosing REDI

  1. Location and accessibility are REDI’s strengths. We also have customers from other parts of Finland and from abroad, and good traffic connections are important to them.
  2. In REDI, we will have more room for our various activities. Those moments when artists and musicians sit around the same table and create their own jewellery for stage have been absolutely joyful.
  3. New premises are always new premises. In REDI, there will be enough room for customers to look around and compare various options, and salespersons will be able to provide better customer service. Customers who come to our shop often need advice and someone to discuss their choices with.