Experiential exercise starts with great shoes

What do a Sunday stroller on the shores of Mustikkamaa, a marathon runner in New York and a shopper spending the entire day on their feet in REDI have in common? Of course Skechers shoes that bring lightness and joy to moving and exercise, always in style.

“Good shoes are as comfortable as wearing socks, whether you’re out for a walk or running the marathon,” describes Peter Jörgensen, Managing Director at Sports Connection. The company is responsible for the distribution of Skechers shoes in Finland, Norway, Denmark and Sweden.

Skechers is riding the wave of sports clothing becoming a presentable choice also outside the gym. When you can win the Eurovision Song Contest wearing a plain t-shirt, you can also wear the street-savvy Skechers to a meeting with a client as well as for a night on the town.

Jörgensen is currently touring European footwear fairs, and he admits to putting on a pair of Skechers on in the morning. “These are simply super stylish and the most comfortable shoes ever. The product development aims for maximal lightness, a great fit and flexibility without compromising the look,” he says.

Comfort is king for Finns

Skechers is the second-largest shoe brand in the United States, right behind Nike, and the fourth largest on a global scale. Its sales only in Finland increased by 50 per cent last year. According to Jörgensen, the quantum leap is a direct result of opening the first Skechers shop in Finland in Helsinki. Skechers is naturally a staple brand of several online shops and department stores, but Jörgensen feels that a shop only for Skechers is very significant.

“Our shoes are designed to bring joy and exercise experiences. You will be let in on our secret when you first put our shoes on your feet. In our own shops, we have all of our selection available, more than 500 shoe styles for women, men and children, and the best experts to select just the perfect pair for you.”

The paths of Mustikkamaa will probably witness a march of Skechers next autumn as the shop, epitomising the lightness of movement and street style, will also open its doors in REDI in the autumn.

“Skechers has an answer to all of the weather conditions you face in Finland. And I know you are especially keen about the practicality and comfort of shoes.”

Onto a podium in Skechers

In addition to client meetings, you can also wear your Skechers to the Ironman competition as, in addition to leisure footwear, the brand also makes shoes for demanding performance. Many top athletes swear by Skechers.

The company invests significant amounts of money in sponsoring triathlon athletes, runners and golfers. The Ironman competition organised in Hawaii is considered the toughest sports performance in the world. In that competition, the athletes sponsored by Skechers reached the podium in both men’s and women’s categories last October. The Skechers team also includes a Finnish athlete Venla Koivula-Huttunen who competes in triathlon.

“Great shoes free up energy for doing what is important,” summarises Jörgensen.

3 reasons for choosing REDI

  1. REDI has it all: location, transport connections and a functional infrastructure
  2. I like how REDI combines business and living.
  3. REDI is the right environment for bringing something new and different for people to experience.