Every Movie Opens a New World

Finnish movie fans will be treated with something new when Cinamon, leading Baltic cinema chain opens its first movie theater in REDI. Right now, a little over a year before opening, Cinamon’s CEO Tatiana Tolstaya, Commercial Director Toomas Luhats and other staff are busy with all the big and small things that create the new Nordic cinema experience in REDI.

– We’ve been looking into entering the Finnish market for a while. We chose Redi for our first theater because it is the most interesting spot in Finland to attract families and millennials, our two main target groups. Former harbor area is now a modern residential, commercial and lifestyle area, well within reach via public transport. It is an attractive combination of history and modern, says Tatiana Tolstaya.

Tolstaya and Luhats advocate for the re-invetion of commercial spaces.

– Shopping centers aren’t successful anymore without adding inspiring experiences to their offerings. We feel that REDI has just the right mix of current retail brands, and attractive leisure activities, says Toomas Luhats.

New Experiences for Moviegoers

Cinamon’s concept, the New Nordic Cinema experience is a combination of the classic, nostalgic movie theater experience, and modern twists. REDI’s theater will have 5 halls and about 700 seats. The largest has 220 seats and others, 120 seats. The theater is expected to attract more than 250000 visitors yearly.

Cinamon investigates the international market and client feedback closely to offer the best mix of Hollywood blockbusters, fresh European pieces as well as domestic favourites.

– The cinema has traditionally been a place of relaxation and escapism. We believe that it is also a possibility for opening new possibilities and new perspectives towards the world, says Tolstaya.

– We’ve recognized the unique traits of the Finnish market. One is the popularity of local movies. We’ll definitely screen local hits the likes of Tuntematon Sotilas, says Luhats.

Cinamon’s crew seeks out the latest international trends. REDI’s movie theater customers will experience a technological twist that is totally new in the Finnish market.

– Well reveal it closer to the opening, but I will say that this is the most interesting novelty in the business right now, says Tolstaya.

The Market will Grow

The new player on the Finnish market will not stop at REDI.

– We plan to open theaters elsewhere in Finland as well. We believe that our new concept and offerings will attract existing but also new movie fans. The more there are theaters and screens, the more options for customers, says Luhats.

Cinamon Holding, founded in 2005 and headquartered in Tallinn, Estonia is leading pan-Baltic cinema operator that currently operates 5 sites with 22 screens across the Baltics. In 2016 Cinamon served 1,25 million customers. The company turnover in 2016 was 8,6 million euros, increasing 7 % from the year before. Cinamon employs a total of 110 people in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

Recommended by the Pros

Cinamon is indeed a company of movie enthusiasts. Everyone looking to join their crew is asked their relationship to movies. So one must ask, what are the favourite movies of the movie professionals?

– I admire the soft power of the main character in the movie Amelie. She steers other people in a pleasant way and creates happiness. My other favourite are Tarkovski’s movies. They’re often somber but always with a deeper key message, says Tolstaya.

– I vouch for Forrest Gump, Star Wars, Layer Cake and James Bond movies. I used to select art house movies for Estonian tv for ten years and noticed that some counterbalancing is needed – I do also enjoy stupid comedies a lot, admits Luhats.

Cinamon’s commitment to the world of moving pictures is shown even the smallest of details, like business cards. Tolstaya’s has a small Amelie-like illustrated figure on the reverse side.

– My next set will have Darth Vader. They’re still in the press, reveals Luhats.