Trendy makeup and busy brushes get customers queueing for Emotion

Makeup, natural cosmetics and trend peaks are the current hot trio of the beauty and wellbeing sector. They will also feature at the new Emotion store which is currently being designed for REDI.

“I’m super excited and can hardly wait for our new store to open at REDI,” says Elina Vaalto, Chain Manager, HOK-Elanto.

The Emotion store at REDI will place a special emphasis on makeup, service and action.

“I can promise busy brushes, makeup and products that are best suited for our urban clientele,” Vaalto continues.

“What’s more, locals on their way to the Flow festival can drop by to pick up a bit of lip makeup or eye glitter.”

Fresh trends from the social media

There are dedicated makeup afficionados, especially among the younger clientele, who know everything there is to know about makeup and how to apply it. Some of the consumers, on the other hand, hold a specific interest in natural cosmetics or, for instance, 100% vegan products.

“The standards of consumers have risen and they are keeping tabs on the latest trends. Without a shadow of a doubt, the customers at REDI will be very trend-aware,” says Vaalto.

The greatest contemporary idea bank of new trends is the Internet, and especially social media. As an example, Vaalto brings up Jeffree Star, who rose from a YouTube start to become a makeup mogul and whose product line arrived in Finland last year. A couple of Sokos stores and two Emotion stores were the first brick-and-mortar stores in the world to sell his products, which until then were only available online.

“Over the weekend, we mentioned on social media that his products would be available from us on Monday. When we opened the store on Monday morning, people were queueing to get in.”

The Internet is no substitute for service

After a few economically challenging years, Finns are once again ready to spend money on looking after themselves, beauty and wellbeing. Among other things, online stores create new opportunities and competition in the field.

“Competition gives everyone a boost and adds a new drive. Online stores are the biggest competitors of brick-and-mortars, especially among our younger customers, but on the other hand, the Internet supports stores and creates new phenomena, which otherwise would never see the light of day,” ponders Vaalto.

Physical stores also hold one significant advantage over online stores: personal service. Even though it is quick to place orders online, you don’t get a chance to touch the products or to enjoy the knowledgeable service and assistance that a physical store offers.

“People appreciate good service. That’s what makes them come back.”


3 X why REDI

1. Location. The shopping centre is located at the crossroads of different modes of transport, with a naturally huge flow of customers. I immediately felt that we must get in there, too.
2. Clientele. There are some really interesting residential areas around Kalasatama, like Kallio, Arabia and Vallila. There are some trendy urban people living in the area.
3. Visuality. We operate in a visual sector, and REDI immediately gives off strong, positive vibes. Our contemporary store makes it more attractive, and vice versa.