Elixia goads Finland to become the most active country in Europe

Operations Manager Jussi Raita from Elixia Finland grabs a pair of dumbbells briskly for the photograph. He has worked at Elixia for years after his earlier career in product and regional management tasks. His designer eyeglasses and expertise in chain management reflect his history as the chain manager for Instrumentarium.

Elixia is the largest fitness centre chain in Finland. It operates also in Norway and Sweden. In autumn 2018, Finland’s largest Elixia will open in REDI. Its 2,255 square metres will house a range of fitness facilities, personal training services and a child care area. Raita tells us that the new Elixia centre will offer hit classes such as Power and Crosstraining, but also new concepts such as HiYoga, Build’n Burn and Prformance.

Finns love fitness centres

In September, MTV news reported that the number of visitors at Finnish fitness centres has increased by nearly seven per cent compared to other European countries. Raita says that the growing health and fitness trend is also reflected in Elixia’s results.

“People have learned to approach training as an investment in one’s health and well-being. We want to make working out as easy as possible. We have developed new services, updated the look of the centres and upgraded the membership system,” Raita says.

In the current Elixia system, the members choose the services they need in their membership, paying only for the services they really use. Permanent memberships that last for years are no longer used. “Flexible memberships adapt to different situations in life and suit different needs. If you only want to work out at the gym, you don’t have to pay for the classes or the child care.”

Getting the pulse up quick

Elixia has a pan-Nordic product framework that produces new concepts such as HiYoga. At the moment, functional training and short, intensive interval sessions are popular. However, Raita says a good basic concept is the most important factor that determines the success of the fitness centre.

“New classes add variety, but the customers ultimately want clean facilities, friendly personnel and smooth services that work well,” he says.

Elixia’s services are targeted at people of all ages and levels, from beginners to advanced trainers. Raita busts the myth that fitness centres are places for the young and fit. In particular, the number of over 65-year-old members is increasing. There are custom-made classes for elderly members and regular training groups.

The new year is approaching, which means many of us will make a resolution to live healthier. How could one make training easier to start?

“Walk into your nearest Elixia centre and take a look around. Our personnel and personal trainers will help you find a workout routine that suits your needs,” Raita says.

Advance sales of ELIXIA REDI will start in February 2018.

3 reasons for choosing REDI

  1. Complementing the existing network: there is no full-service fitness centre in the Kalasatama, Vallila and Sörnäinen area.
  2. The metro stops on the third floor of REDI 500 times per day, and Elixia is located on the fourth floor. Could it get any easier?
  3. Being close to homes and offices. Elixia is suitable both as the local gym near one’s home or for working out after a workday. Special agreements for companies are also available.