Danish design that doesn’t take itself too seriously

“If the customer won’t smile, they won’t buy either,” believes Nils Stora, Director of Flying Tiger Copenhagen’s operations in Finland and the Baltics.

This is why the Danish design chain does not only sell products, it also wants to surprise, inspire and put a smile on the customer’s face.

A wonder bean in a can!

It is almost impossible to visit a Flying Tiger shop with a sour face. The fun, colourful products are full of humour and make you want to touch them. Whether you are looking for interior decor items or planning a party, Flying Tiger Copenhagen has something for all occasions.

According to Stora, the shops have 300 new items every month, from festive decorations and interior design items to toys, gadgets, gifts and award-winning design pieces. The layout of the stores is like a treasure map; walking through a store takes you past every shelf.

The chain is famous for its affordable, whole number prices. In Stora’s view, Flying Tiger offers everyone the chance to treat themselves to something nice, to feel rich.

“REDI is unique, and so are we”

Interior decor and design are among Denmark’s biggest import sectors, and Flying Tiger Copenhagen plays a role in this. The chain that represents Danish inventiveness and sense of humour operates globally. Stora admits that the growth was breathtakingly fast at the beginning, “but I am happy now”, he says in his positive tone.

In 2018, Flying Tiger Copenhagen will open a shop in REDI. The chain’s operations are based on large sales volumes, which is why the shops are always located in busy places with high customer flows. In this sense, REDI was a natural choice for Flying Tiger Copenhagen.

“REDI is unique, and so are we. We both want to offer our customers something they haven’t seen before. We are an excellent match,” Stora says.

When I ask him about the most popular products and typical customers, Stora becomes more serious for a while.

“It’s not about the ball, it’s about the game you play with your loved ones. We believe that human relations and experiences make people happy. This is why all our products promote playfulness, creativity and social activities among people of all ages.”

Check out the hashtag #flyingtiger on Instagram to see how people around the world use the products of Flying Tiger Copenhagen in fun and inventive ways.

3 reasons for choosing REDI

  1. Location: customer flows will be high.
  2. The REDI rental team has been a pleasure to work with. We open new shops all the time, and we appreciate a partner that takes things forward actively.
  3. We believe that the customers at REDI will love our surprises, design and joyful attitude. They will leave the shop holding a new treasure, with a smile on their face.