A market atmosphere, easy everyday shopping, and pop-up stores – REDI’s basement floor is full of life.

Quickly grab a few missing items or fill up your fridge with groceries for the weekend. A colourful market atmosphere and services to make everyday life that little bit easier. Pop by a trendy street food restaurant or enjoy a cup of coffee on the pleasant, year-round terrace. You’ll find all this on REDI’s basement floor.

The REDI shopping and entertainment centre will open its doors in the Kalasatama neighbourhood of Helsinki in 2018. Its basement floor, that is Floor -1, has been designed to spice up everyday life and make it that little bit easier.

Hurried morning commuters can grab a takeaway snack from the basement level and then slip into the elevator that takes you directly to the metro: it takes 46 seconds from the basement to the metro station on the third floor. At the weekend, mothers can pop by the hairdressers and watch a fashion show in which the REDI stores present the season’s trends.

In addition to the stage in the centre, the bright ‘market square’ is surrounded by a market hall, a host of restaurants and cafés, and a pop-up zone.

“You can exhibit all the latest releases at pop-up outlets. They also give entrepreneurs the chance to try out REDI as a trading place and sell seasonal products,” says Commercial Director Pia Svensk.

“Right from the outset, everything has been thought out to make shopping easier. For the basement floor, we selected companies that would provide a diverse yet complementary service offering that will make customers’ lives that little bit easier. Although it will be easy to pop by and handle everyday things, REDI’s offering will also entice you to stay a bit longer and enjoy yourself.”

Easy to find what you need

As its name suggests, REDI’s basement floor is below ground level, but that’s not something you’ll notice when you’re there. In the centre of the approximately 16,000-square-metre floor, there will be a market square bathed in light flooding in from the huge skylights above.

The stores will be handily situated around this market square, and access routes to street level, the metro station, bus stops and the basement parking levels have been located to optimise moving smoothly from place to place.

“We didn’t want to force people to run from one end of the shopping centre to the other. That’s why each REDI floor has its own clear role and selection,” says Pia Svensk.

The two large grocery stores, K-Supermarket and LIDL, are the focal points in the lowest floor. Ruohonjuuri will add thousands of eco and organic products to REDI’s range, Clas Ohlson serves urban DIY enthusiasts, and Suomalainen Kirjakauppa’s selection runs to tens of thousands of books.

Pia Svensk says that other things, like toys and flowers, will also be available on the floor. Services will include a shoemaker, laundry and dry cleaning, and teleoperators.

“Health and beauty is covered by four opticians and a hairdresser, barber and pharmacy. We believe that customers value a compact service package and will want to return to REDI time and again.”

The basement floor also offers fun in a more physical form: the entrance to the modern indoor climbing centre is at street level. The highest walls reach up to 20 metres and the windows afford a lovely view all the way to Korkeasaari Zoo and Kruununhaka.

Fast and trendy delicacies

REDI’s Leasing Manager Jonna Majanen expects REDI’s basement floor to be a popular lunch place, as it’s been dedicated to easy yet tasty food. There will be a new kind of quick eating area with ten restaurants right next to each other.

“There’ll be dishes from all around the world and the street food boom is still going strong. Restaurateurs will be serving genuine flavours with a modern twist: Indian, Chinese, Mexican … It’s been great to follow our entrepreneurs’ rich flow of ideas. Everyone wants the best location for their restaurant,” says Jonna Majanen, happily.

A light and comfortable inner terrace will run in front of the restaurants, bringing a lively atmosphere with it: the chatter of voices and the clink of cutlery.

We’ll soon be decorating

Everyone who lives near or has recently travelled past Kalasatama knows that REDI’s construction is progressing at a rate of knots.

The shopping centre’s frame has already reached roof height in many places, and the first façade structures are already in place. Interior decoration work will soon begin on REDI’s basement floor.

“There are only a couple of free spaces left on the grocery level. So you better hurry up if you want to be involved in creating a brand-new kind of urban experience at the heart of Kalasatama,” says Pia Svensk.

“A strong customer flow through three floors will be a huge asset to REDI: the metro and eastern bus lines will stop on the third floor, cars will be parked in the underground carpark, while pedestrians and those taking other buses will arrive at street level. Numerous elevators and escalators will whisk customers from floor to floor in the blink of an eye.”

These stores will be at your service in REDI’s basement level:

Grocery stores
K-Supermarket, LIDL, Ruohonjuuri Oy, Market Hall

Home & Leisure
Clas Ohlson, Saiturinpörssi, BR-lelut, Teknikmagasinet, Suomalainen Kirjakauppa, Faunatar

Health & Beauty products/services
Instrumentarium, Nissen, Silmäasema, Specsavers, Beauty Hair Sirpa Mansner, Barbershop, Life, Glitter, Pharmacy

Other services
Post Office, Kalasataman Suutari, Pelaamo, Sonera, Mobile Clinic, Kuvatapio, SOL Laundry Services, ATMs (withdrawals & deposits)

Restaurants & Cafés
Social Food’s burgers, Stadin Kebab, Kurdish vegetarian dishes, Asian fast food, Pizzarium’s pizza slice, Chalupa’s Mexican food, Fafa’s falafels, Subway sandwiches, A grilled chicken restaurant, Spicy Indian dishes, Soups by La Soupe, Tea, coffee and baked goods at Saray Baklava, A gourmet café, Gelato’s ice cream